Priyanka Chopra Jonas: Karan Johar calls Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ shift from Bollywood to Hollywood ‘fantastic’: She is always wonderful on every platform

Priyanka Chopra Jonas had created a stir earlier this year where she had talked about leaving Bollywood after being pushed into a corner in the Hindi film industry. She then moved to pursue a career in the west and now she has become one of the leading actress in Hollywood. Months after her viral podcast with Dax Shepard, Karan Johar was asked about his reaction to Priyanka doing incredibly well after making that shift.
The filmmaker told ET Canada that to see Priyanka grow from strength to strength and truly achieve the success on her own terms has been fantastic. He also added that Priyanka has always been wonderful on every platform and everything that she ever stands for and represents.
After Priyanka’s shocking revelation about Bollywood, netizens were quick to train their guns towards Karan citing their on-and-off friendship over the years. Later, Karan and Priyanka were seen hugging and interacting with each other the grand opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC).
Their alleged feud started in 2012 when the rumours of her romantic affair with Shah Rukh Khan had rocked the industry. It was being said that Karan was reportedly trying to push Priyanka out of the scene. However, there was no official confirmation about these reports.
While conflicts and disagreements can occur in any industry, Karan and Priyanka have also worked together on several occasions, including films like Dostana and Agneepath.

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