Karishma: Exclusive! Vivaan Shah and Karishma Sharma part ways

Actor Vivaan Shah and Karishma Sharma parted ways two years of dating after dating, we have exclusively learnt. From what we have gathered their relationship has been a tumultuous one right from the beginning, with the two taking recurrent breaks in between. However, this one seems to be permanent. While it is still uncertain what broke the camel’s back, Karishma and Vivaan remain cordial and good friends.
Karishma, 29, confirms the news, “Yes, we decided to part ways as we were in two different stages of our lives. Both of us want to focus more on our career. Vivaan will always be like family to me. Sometimes, things just don’t work between two individuals.” The Ek Villain Returns actor admits that she has been focusing a lot on her relationships, resulting in stagnancy in career. “I need a break from relationships and focus more on my career. I have always chased love, but it’s important for me now to be more aggressive towards my career. I’m enjoying this phase of single hood, learning more about myself and focusing on learning new skills in life,” she added.
Vivaan on the other hand chose to not comment on the story.
Earlier in an interview, Vivaan called Karishma his “personal hero”, his “greatest inspiration and muse”. “Karishma entered my life at this point like a guardian angel, and gave my hopes a new lease on life. She has been the greatest blessing, and the best thing to ever happen to me. It would be difficult to articulate in words how much she means to me, and how much joy she has brought into my life. She is the most inspiring person I have ever met,” he told a portal back then.

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