Bollywood Trivia: Did you know that Shah Rukh Khan suggested Jawan editor to chop off his scenes if needed, but not of the others? | Hindi Movie News

As expected, Atlee’s Jawan is creating mayhem at the BO. The film, which raised Rs 240.47 crore worldwide gross in just two days, continued its impressive run and recorded one of the highest advance box office bookings for today.
According to reports, the film has already minted an estimated Rs 44.5 crore in advance bookings. A report on Sacnilk states that the film earned an estimated Rs 39.9 crore in Hindi, Rs 1.31 crore in Hindi IMAX and Rs 33 Lakh in 4DX format.It added another Rs 1.85 crore in Tamil and Rs 1.05 crore in Telugu dubbed formats.

While a lot of us have already seen the movie and some are waiting to procure tickets, here is some trivia on the high octane drama…

Inspired by the world of Rajinikanth- Allu Arjun
As quoted in multiple reviews, Jawan is Shah Rukh’s ‘most’ South film ever. To prepare for his role, the actor watched a lot of Rajinikanth, Allu Arjun, Yash (KGF) movies to understand the mannerisms of a character like that. SRK also quoted in many interviews that this apart, he saw many Atlee directed movies and of course, did his own prep too.
Tried hands at choreography
When the movie’s first prevue was released, what caught everyone’s attention was SRK’s little dance at the end inside a train on the song ‘Bekarar karke hume’. However, not many know that the sequence has been choreographed by King Khan himself!
Edit decision
Jawan’s editor Ruben has quoted in some interviews that when it came to editing scenes due to the length of the movie, SRK requested him to chop his scenes, but not of the others. King Khan for a reason!
Going bald story
The actor even went completely bald for this movie and admitted that it was difficult. He said that it is something that he will never do again.

Female empowerment and social statement
Apart from full paisa vasool entertainment, Jawan also makes a compelling case for female empowerment and the importance of education. It also subtly deals with many social evils and while we won’t give you any spoilers, you should watch the movie yourself!

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