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Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana has tasted massive box office success with his recent release Dream Girl 2. The film has collected over 100 crore worldwide, making it a super hit at the box-office. With Dream Girl 2, Ayushmann also delivered his biggest opener to date!

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Overwhelmed with all the love that Ayushmann is receiving for Dream Girl 2, the ecstatic actor has decided to celebrate this big win with his fans! These fans have been a pillar of strength for him and Ayushmann wanted to thank them for their belief in him.Ayushmann’s success party with fans is set to happen on Monday!
The young actor, who is a rank outsider to Bollywood, has made inroads in the industry because of sheer talent and love from people from across the country since his debut film. He believes he has been truly fortunate to have fans who support him unconditionally.
This bash is his way of thanking them and making them a part of his big win!
Talking about the brisk business the film is doing, in an exclusive interview with ETimes, Ayushmann mentioned, “It is great validation, and this was the motive behind Dream Girl 2. I always thought it’d be like a commercial success when I heard the narration for the first time and I was rolling on the floor laughing. It was crazy, outrageous and very slapstick and very frontbencher and probably this is my most commercial tonality. And also the biggest opening. So, very happy!”
Ayushmann also revealed that his own pet dog couldn’t recognise him when he donned the Pooja avtaar in the film. He shared, “I remember my dog coming to the site and she didn’t recognise me. It is heartbreaking. I was wearing my manager’s perfume or my makeup artist’s perfume to just get the character of Pooja, my dog was taken aback and she didn’t recognise me.”
Adding that the best compliment he got was that he was the complete embodiment of male and female, he stated, “The best compliment for the film was that I was the full embodiment of a woman as Pooja and very macho and alpha as Karam. These two distinctively different characters are poles apart. And it’s like a double role but of a boy and a girl. So as an actor, it was really exciting. The theatre character in me was jumping out of joy and excitement.”

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