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In 1996, amidst global acclaim and an army of eager fans awaiting his live performances, Michael Jackson made a special visit to Mumbai as part of his ‘HIStory World Tour.’ Bollywood actor Anupam Kher recently shared a heartwarming memory from that occasion when he had an encounter with the global superstar. Kher posted a cherished photograph of himself alongside MJ along with a touching message.

Anupam described MJ’s concert in Mumbai as a magical experience. He recounted that on the day after the performance, around 25 fortunate guests were given an exclusive opportunity to meet the King of Pop for half an hour on the terrace gardens of Hotel Oberoi. Kher was ecstatic at the prospect of meeting one of the greatest performers of our era up close.

Anupam Kher reminisced that all the selected guests arrived at the hotel at least an hour before the appointed meeting time. A small platform had been set up as a makeshift stage, and they eagerly waited in breathless anticipation.
When Michael Jackson finally arrived, flanked by his imposing personal bodyguards, everyone was left awestruck. Even though MJ graciously smiled at them, they couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed and found themselves staring awkwardly.
Noticing a barrier separating them from MJ, Kher vividly remembered summoning the courage to breach that barrier and step onto the stage. MJ’s bodyguards tried to remove Anupam from the stage and one of the show’s promoters stopped them by saying that he was the biggest superhero in the country.

Anupam Kher noted that MJ gently held his hand and acknowledged him with respect. At that precise moment, someone captured a photograph, creating a historic memory for Kher, while the other guests remained frozen in awe.

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