Ameesha Patel recalls being targeted when her films flopped: Maybe I am just meant for blockbuster hits | Hindi Movie News

Ameesha Patel is currently enjoying the success of Gadar 2 but her last film Bhaiaji Superhit (2018) with Sunny Deol turned to be a dud at the box office. She recently opened up about facing criticism from the industry people when her films flopped.
She told Bollywood Bubble that she was targeted and didn’t get any support after her films didn’t perform at the box office because she didn’t come from a film family.She mentioned that those who belong to the industry will always have an edge.
“If I had belonged to the film fraternity, if I had a godfather then even if my films didn’t work it wouldn’t have mattered and I would have gotten the biggest films. But that’s fine, maybe I am just meant for blockbuster hits,” Ameesha said.Talking about sensing insecurity from other Bollywood actors, Ameesha said that she used to hear stories about them but nobody is going to come to your face and tell you that. She added that in a working environment you just have to focus on giving your best and don’t get affected by such negativity.
Ameesha then went on to recall an incident where she forgo her fees when producers faced financial losses due to a film’s underperformance at the box office. “I have let the fees go in such situations because I think it’s very important to understand another person’s position. So, no one forced me to give up my remuneration, I have done out of respect for my producers” she concluded.

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