What Did Alex See?

Look, spot, count, discover!
See the world with fresh eyes on every journey you take.


What did Alex see on her walk to school? From Monday to Sunday,
there are many things to be found, and many colours to be spotted.
Lucy Vigrass’s bright and bold pictures celebrate the joy of
noticing new things, day after day, even in a familiar environment.
Inspired by Columbia Road, the East London street famous for its
flower market.

Rute Nieto Ferreira and Lucy Vigrass first met on Columbia Road.

Lucy Vigrass is an illustrator and founding member of Peepshow
Collective. Her pictures can sometimes be found in The New York
Times, The Independent, The Guardian, and many other places. She
can normally be found on or around Columbia Road, surrounded by
little ones.

Rute Nieto Ferreira is an architect that is at her happiest making,
drawing and writing with kids. She co-founded Tower Block Books to
publish stories about places. After Porto and London, Rute now
spendsmost of her time in San Francisco. She misses Columbia Road
and its people.

What Did Alex See?

Taking inspiration from the urban jungle, city streets and the hidden
nooks and crannies of big towns Tower Block Books have worked with
illustrator and Peepshow founder, Lucy Vigrass on a beautiful new book
‘What Did Alex See?’, written by Rute Nieto Ferreira, which takes you
on Alex’s journey to school along Columbia Road in London. Famed for
its flower market, this part of London not only takes in the beauty of
flora and fauna but the diversity of city life too.
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What Did Alex See?

What Did Alex See? has a structured approach, following a little
girl along the same road every day on her way to school.
We find out that this road is in fact quite famous: Columbia Road
in London, which transforms from a regular British high street with
pub, sweet shop and bakery, to a tourist-attracting flower market at
the weekend.
The book is illustrated in a screenprinted style by Lucy Vigrass
who manages to tread the perfect balance between retro references
and contemporary experience. Alex and her friends are depicted
in contemporary children’s clothing but the basic shapes which
form the environment around them are reminiscent of modernist
designer/illustrators such as Fredun Shapur and Bruno Munari.
All in all, the illustrations give a sense of the young experiencing
the old and the continued layering of experience that makes
a place so distinctive and meaningful to people.

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Title: What did Alex See?
Written by Rute Nieto Ferreira
Illustrated by Lucy Vigrass
Hardback, 24 pages, 205 x 225 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9929565-2-3
RRP: £9.99 UK €9.50 EU $11.99 USA
Rights for all languages available