Public Buildings

We are no longer accepting submissions.

22 January 2018

We are honoured to have received your wonderful, historic, real,
funny, interesting, personal, brilliant, hard, precise, beautiful,
imaginative, lively, bold, atmospheric drawings of
public buildings and spaces. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’ve logged an overwhelming number of pieces – over 250,
from over 45 countries. We’re looking carefully at each submission
and trying to put together the best possible publication from
the enormous amount of material received. This is proving to be
a monumental task, and… we’re running late. We hope to notify
participants as soon as possible, please bear with us.


Tower Block Books invites illustrators, artists and architects
to contribute to a children’s picture book that celebrates
public buildings.

Public buildings are those where people come together, such as
libraries, schools and markets. Please submit one drawing of a
public building or a public space located anywhere on Planet Earth.
We aim to gather an eclectic selection of drawings, depicting
a broad range of building types and an extensive geographical
spread. Drawings should be black and white.

*** Deadline 11th December 2017

Download the full Call for Drawings document

Rute Nieto Ferreira