Big Letter Hunt London
Big Letter Hunt LondonBig Letter Hunt LondonBig Letter Hunt LondonBig Letter Hunt LondonBig Letter Hunt London

Big Letter Hunt: London
An Architectural A-Z Around the City


Take a tour of London from A to Z, searching for giant letters hidden
throughout the city. This architectural treasure hunt winds its way past
London's landmark buildings and architectural gems, such as the
British Museum, the Barbican, and the modernist Brunswick Centre.
Letters also appear in the skyscrapers, on tube stations, and in the
detailing of windows and facades. Printed in a colorful and bold graphic
style, and accompanied by quirky facts about the buildings and their
design, this book is perfect for all architecture and design fans.
Plus, the book includes a map to follow the hunt, and the jacket folds
out into an A Z poster to hang on the wall!


There are a lot of books about London for children. There are few
– I'd say none – as well-conceived and beautifully produced as this.
This is a book which makes you change the relationship between you
and your children and the environment you move through together.
The underpinning concept, that letters are shapes and can be found
in buildings everywhere is both ludic and aesthetic. It builds
letter-shaped bridges between children and adults. And once you've
looked at London this way, all spaces, urban and rural, will look
different to young and old alike.

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Rute Nieto Ferreira and Amandine Alessandra
Published by Batsford Books, July 2016
Paperback, 64 pages
ISBN-10: 1849943664