A wordless story made from tiny stamps, Periferia, which means
‘Periphery’ in Portuguese, is a São Paulo-inspired concertina picture
book by Brazilian graphic artist Andrés Sandoval. Each stamp
represents a particular object from the vast, complex, wonderful and
sometimes scary city.

The drawing, which can be read as a book or displayed open on a shelf,
includes a key to the individual icons, and an introductory text
(in English and Portuguese). Tower Block Books collaborated with graphic
design studio A Practice for Everyday Life, who created a custom typeface,
also stamped, for the cover.

A first edition of only 300 copies will be printed in London, UK.
We’re super excited to publish this amazing work and can’t wait
to share it with you.

Periferia by Andrés Sandoval
Concertina book with wrap-around card cover
20 double sided panels, folded size 204 x 128mm, open 204 x 1408mm
ISBN: 978-0-9929565-3-0