Bernal Folk print by Alice Malia


$14.50 USA*

Signed and numbered edition of 35 risograph prints by Alice Malia

Since June 2017, British theatre designer, maker and illustrator
Alice Malia has been drawing the people of her neighborhood – Bernal Heights.

During the last six months, in the rare moments I was away from
my baby son, I’ve been sketching people around me. I enjoy recording
the facial expressions of people when they think no one is watching,
and the challenge of not knowing how long you have before that person
moves again and the moment is gone.

A selection of these sketches, drawn from a public bench or a café,
have been assembled into a limited edition risograph print. There are
only 35 prints, which are signed and numbered by Alice.

November 2017
Risograph print on 120gsm acid free paper,
Sustainable Forest Initiative certified
279 x 432mm / 11 x 17in
Signed and numbered edition of 35
Printed in San Francisco

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Available from December 1st.