Amandine Alessandra is a graphic designer based in London.
Her playful installation and performance-based 3D typographic
work has featured in numerous books. She likes to think of
typography as a way to transform the message into a readable
experience. Amandine is originally from Réunion Island;
she lives with her family in Bethnal Green, London. She is the
co-author of The Big Letter Hunt in the East End of London.


Jenny Bowers‘ illustrations can be found every month in Vogue
Japan. She has illustrated stationery for Chronicle Books,
packaging for Waitrose, Clinique, Bloomingdales and The Royal Mail.
She’s a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a member of the
London-based illustration and animation collective Peepshow.
Jenny illustrated My Bedroom and made the limited edition
riso print Bedroom Floor.


Alice Malia is a British theatre designer, maker and illustrator.
She often draws live on stage while playing an active part in the
narrative of a performance. Alice lives in San Francisco, where she
recently illustrated volume 25 of the Quarterly for 826 Valencia.
Her Bernal Folk print depicts people from her neighborhood –
Bernal Heights, drawn from a public bench or a café in 2017.


Rute Nieto Ferreira is the co-author of The Big Letter Hunt
in the East End of London (Tower Block Books), Big Letter Hunt London
(Batsford Books), What Did Alex See? (Tower Block Books) and
My Bedroom (Tower Block Books). For the last ten years Rute has
been working at the intersection of architecture, education and
publishing. She’s worked as an architect and urban designer in Portugal
– where she’s originally from – Sweden and London, UK. She has taught
architecture at undergraduate and post-graduate level and developed
children’s architecture workshops for the Victoria & Albert Museum.
She is interested in getting kids to engage with the design of places
in a playful way. After 15 years in London, Rute’s family persuaded
her to move to San Francisco, where she continues to do her favourite
things – walking, writing and drawing.


Andrés Sandoval, author of PERIFERIA [Periphery], is a
graphic artist, living and working in São Paulo, Brazil, where he
graduated in architecture and urbanism. Besides murals and paving
designs, his artistic practice includes illustrated books and
other works on paper. His books have been published by Companhia
das Letras, Cosac Naify and Planeta Tangerina. Since 2006
he illustrates a section of the Brazilian culture magazine Piauí.


Lucy Vigrass is a London-based illustrator and founding member of
Peepshow Collective. Her editorial work has been on the cover of
The Economist and Creative Review, featuredin The New York Times,
The Guardian, Wired, Time Out and weekly in The Independent and
The Telegraph Magazines. She works collaboratively with Peepshow
Collective art-directing moving image projects and installations.
Lucy is the illustrator of the book What Did Alex See? and the print
Columbia Road.

Tower Block Books often works collaboratively with children and
young people. So in our short history there have already been many
amazing co-authors. For example, some years we’ve teamed up with
students to produce a calendar to help raise funds for more art at 
their school.
In 2015 we worked with kids from Columbia Primary School in East London,
and in 2016 with kids from Leonard R. Flynn in the Mission district,
in San Francisco, California.
Sometimes we facilitate workshops or urban walks around themes of
typography and architecture, neighbourhoods, cities, spaces and places.