Tower Block Books is a small press publisher set up by designer
Amandine Alessandra and architect Rute Nieto Ferreira. Our first book
was the architectural alphabet The Big Letter Hunt
in the East End of London
now in its second edition.

Tower Block Books is interested in picture books about place: cities,
neighbourhoods, streets, buildings, rooms, dens, nooks and crannies.
We publish stories about their life and architecture.

We are starting small, a handful of books and prints a year, but in a world
already too full of stuff, we are committed to only putting out the best
stories, the most visually delightful pictures, books that feel nice
to hold, share and read many a times, made by good people.
We hope you enjoy them!

Check out our new titles What Did Alex See? and My Bedroom,
out now!

Have a look at our Summer catalogue.

Amandine Alessandra is a graphic designer based in London.
Her playful installation and performance-based 3D typographic
work has featured in numerous books. She likes to think of
typography as a way to transform the message into a readable
experience. Amandine is originally from Réunion Island;
she lives with her family in Bethnal Green.

Rute Nieto Ferreira is an architect and urban designer. She has
worked in Portugal – where she’s originally from – Sweden and London.
She has taught architecture at undergraduate and post-graduate level
and developed children’s architecture workshop for the Victoria &
Albert Museum. She is interested in getting kids to engage with places
in a playful way. After 15 years in London, Rute’s family persuaded her
to move to San Francisco, where she continues to do her favourite
things – walking and drawing.

Tower Block Books LTD is a registered company.
Company number: 09051642