Tower Block Books is a newly established small press publisher
with a focus on architecture and design-related children’s
picture books. We publish stories about places: cities,
neighbourhoods, streets, buildings, rooms, dens, nooks
and crannies. Tower Block Books was founded by a designer
and an architect. We are fascinated by the stories each place
has to tell and love finding beautiful and imaginative ways to
bring these place-stories to the printed page.

We are committed to publishing the most visually delightful
books, that feel nice to hold and share many times, made by
good people.

Tower Block Books has international rights representation
by Koja Agency and we are currently self-distributing our
titles in Europe and the USA.

When you buy a book or a print from our shop know that
you are supporting a women-run micro-business!


No other books on the market introduce children to
architecture and the built environment in such a creative,
stylish and accessible way as Tower Block Books.
By focusing on the experience of architecture,
they help readers realise architecture is all around
us and is something we can describe through the
way we use it, how it makes us feel and what it means to us.

Tower Block Books, by Anna Ridley in Look/Book Report

A brand new independent publishing house Tower Block
Books wants us to explore architecture and typography
from a more playful point of view. Its first beautifully printed
publication, The Big Letter Hunt, “found” letterforms from
around London’s East End.
Discover the Typography of your City with The Big
Letter Hunt, AIGA

Tower Block Books Ltd is a UK registered company.
Company number: 09051642